Play or practice your favourite sport, indoors in one of our licensed simulator dens

Use our real sporting equipment and golf clubs or bring your own clubs

About Us

Katherine and I wanted to create a place that everyone could enjoy. Struggling to find fun and interesting ways to entertain our children, we were motivated to build a place that children to seniors, and guys and girls of all ages can get active and come together to play! Whether you play for an hour, book your child’s birthday party or schedule a small corporate event or a bachelette party….

……we will work hard to make your experience memorable!

Welcome to AllSports Simulated. One of the first of its kind in Canada! Bringing together the industry leading golf simulation technology from FullSwing with Canada’s premiere sports simulation technology into one ultimate experience. You will not find more entertainment value for your dollar! Using FullSwing’s state of the art dual flight technology, our simulators recreate your ball flight to mimic the result you would see on the golf course. Our high speed cameras track your golf club head speed, path and face angle, while measuring the ball’s back and side spin and axis to recreate your game in Full HD realism. With all of this advancement, our simulators can still be adjusted to suit every skill level. Great for kids or beginners. Use the instant feedback to improve your game! This same technology is used to replicate all the other sports available in our simulators. Using real equipment, our Sims allow you to accurately replicate pitching, home run hitting, football passes and field goals, soccer strikes, slap shots and more! For those wanting a little privacy, use our Executive simulator room. With all the same state of the art technology, leather bar seating and your own 55” TV; bring a small group or just enjoy playing any of the 14 most popular sports, in solitude. If simulation is not your thing, try the private Driving Range! Fully equipped with a state of the art Skytrak launch monitor. Get all the ball flight metrics you need to improve your game. With every shot, see your ball speed, carry and total distance, apex, along with back and side spins. Most importantly; see the actual flight of the ball! Our practice bay is equipped with a comfortable sofa if you want to bring a friend, and a 55″ TV. Enjoy an ice cold beer or bite to eat from our Eatery while you work on your game.

Mark Thompson

Toss a touchdown pass, score a World Cup goal, throw your best fastball or hit the drive of your life.

Our state of the art simulators provide a realistic gaming experience with real time instant analysis capability. Come alone and play 9 holes on a championship course, or bring friends and make it a competition. Whether booking a birthday party or small corporate event, we have an executive simulator den for a more private experience or have fun in one of two open concept dens.

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It's just you against an army of invading zombies! Knock out all of the zombies before they get you!


Shoot a real Basketball at a simulated hoop with a variety of perfectly rendered backgrounds.


Go back to the midway with ball-throwing games to pop balloons, or knock down a stack of bottles.


Enjoy a classic, easy-to-play game that offers fun and excitement for all ages.


Throw some heat as you take to the mound as a pitcher.


Feel the excitement and swing for the fences in our Home Run Derby


Unleash you inner QB with a 2 minute drill throwing to receivers.


Split the uprights with a field goal kick in 5 different stadiums